NIC ASIA Capital Announces ‘One Nepali, One Demat Account’ Campaign

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NIC ASIA Capital Announces ‘One Nepali, One Demat Account’ Campaign

April 14: NIC ASIA Capital has launched the “One Nepali, One Demat Account” Campaign for the New Year 2076.
NIC ASIA Capital Limited said in a statement that it launched this campaign with a series of events and programs focusing on investment awareness and increasing the accessibility of Demat account through its network of branches.
With this campaign, NIC ASIA Capital said it seeks to spread the messages about the importance of safe investment and Demat accounts as a means of strong financial future.
To substantiate the objectives of this “One Nepali, One Demat Account” campaign, NIC ASIA Capital has also waived the account opening charges on Demat till the current fiscal year 2018/19. 
According to the company, this campaign is expected to help students, female investors and new investors from the emerging new opportunities in the capital market of Nepal.
NIC ASIA Capital Limited further said it has been providing all merchant banking related services since its inception, and has also been redefining portfolio management service as an attractive and innovative service for Nepalese customers.  

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