BRAINDIGIT: The Center For Technology Innovation

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The latest ICT Electronic Branding Expo held at Brikutimandap Exhibition hall held 87 stalls of 70 companies in 17 much decorated pavilions. Companies took part under a single roof introducing their products to get the valuable customer. A showcase namely ‘ was built online to preview the products available on the exhibition. The visitors needed not to hustle in the crowd; saving time and also receiving details on the major brands and vendors as showcased on the exhibition. The online service was from Braindigit which claims to be the powerhouse of creativity and innovation. The workforce from the company came up with this innovative marketing platform. The customer gets lots of product options and price ranges to choose from, of a win-win situation, for the vendor and for the customer. 

Nischal Man Pradhan, CEO, BraindigitBraindigit was established in the year 2008; it started as an outsourcing company, building websites and other applications for national and international clients. Today, with its innovative products it has established itself as a major IT company in Nepal. Saying about the immense evolution; Nischal Man Pradhan, CEO of the organization says, “We felt that our knowledge was limited. We said to ourselves; let’s do something big, something better. Then we started working on software building. There was a demand of customized software in the international market and we had to work hard to get hold of the opportunity.” 

Braindigit presents itself as an expert primarily focused on providing IT solutions like Web Application Development, Joomla Extensions and Component Development. According to the company, there is a team of highly trained and expert programmers who can efficiently use web technological advancements such as Joomla, .Net, PHP, Java, Ajax, Magento, Android apps and many such components that challenge the capabilities of the work group. The primary Braindigit mission is to provide a qualitative product that combines performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with the customer.

“Here we are all goal oriented personals. First we generate a project plan directed towards the needs of our clients. Then we define the roles in our departments. The time extension is designed, and then we follow the projected plan and make sure that the goal is met,” says company executive. The workforce of the company consists of more than 50 staff members, assigned to various departments from programming, development, quality control and marketing. Each department is dedicated towards their assigned role whereby creating an environment that results to be work friendly and mostly goal oriented.”  

Braindigit Products

“We had to overcome many challenges to be able to reach this position. The greater challenge for us is to create an efficient workforce. We train our people to be the best. Regardless of the fact that there is immense competition in the market to hold the best people, we believe motivating employees towards common goal and providing them expansion opportunities. When we recruit, we look for passion in the employee,” says Nischal Man Pradhan.

The company is closely working with the government to reduce some issues regarding the development in IT sector. Pradhan adds, “IT companies seek more coordinated support in terms of strengthening data security, information leakage management, visa improvement and certain fiscal incentives. This can attract large investments in the country”. He mentions the power crisis as one impediment and adds, “We have reached this height coping with the problems, and if they are met we know we can do even better. This not only helps to improve the economy of the country but also helps in the development in the emerging IT sector in Nepal.”


One of the major accomplishments for the company brings up the name SageFrame. SageFrame is an open source web development framework developed on the top of ASP.NET 3.5. The best features as incorporated by the product are its easy user interface, site optimization and the page management system. It contains necessary tools needed to develop custom modules, applications templates and multipurpose websites.

After the success of SageFrame 1.0, SageFrame 2.0 was developed and introduced with more appealing features such as plug and play module, drag-drop widget and easy customization. The plug-n-play module concept offers enhanced dynamism to website, and holds provision for addition of new features. The drag and drop widget feature, and a highly configurable control panel, SageFrame provides more flexibility and ease to the website owners and developers.

SageFrame was nominated for 2012 Critic’s Choice Best Budget CMS Awards and the runner-up title in People’s Choice Award for the Best Budget CMS (Content Management System). The framework CMS Critic, an industry popular name for CMS reviews, hosts the awards for best CMS platforms around the world. The awards are given in different categories one being the Best Budget CMS where SageFrame proudly claimed a place. “The success of this product made the company realize the true potential of the developers in Nepal. SageFrame had a good start in the market. It has been downloaded by more than thirty thousand clients and the response is very positive”, says Pradhan. The website of Ncell Pvt. Ltd, was developed using this platform. Ncell is the first private mobile operator in the country with an extensive coverage throughout the nation and providing telecommunication services to millions of people.

Sageframe, Braindigit

Core extraction of the Braindigit business model:

  • The company is built upon the principle of fair dealing and ethical conduct of the employees.
  • Highest standards of conduct and personal integrity should be maintained.
  • Braindigit is dependent upon the client’s trust and continuously works on improving the quality of the products and support.
  • Staff members have their responsibility towards clients benefit and should act the way that merited company’s outlook.
  • Good judgment is encouraged to avoid business crisis. In a crisis situation, the matter is discussed with the immediate head of the department and, if necessary, with the directors, for advice and consultation.
  • Compliance with the policy of business ethics and conduct is the responsibility of every employee & associated members. 
  • Disregarding or failing to comply with the standard of business ethics and conduct could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including the possibility of possible termination of employment.

Source: Braindigit

neha gupta

Really good.....m happy IT sector is developing in country...i would like love to work for this company....taking my work ad my passion

neha gupta

Really good.....m happy IT sector is developing in country...i would like love to work for this company....taking my work ad my passion