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Published on: 2017-08-10     384 times read    0  Comments

Venture Talk with Nakkim Uddin

August 10: Nakkim Uddin, the co-founder of QFX Cinemas, shared his experience of starting his entrepreneurial journey of QFX Cinemas during a talk show entitled ‘Venture Talk with Nakkim Uddin’. The event was organized by Next Venture Corp at Nepal Tourism Board on August 8.

After returning from Taiwan upon completing his studies, Uddin said he became engaged in the business of glass bead jwellery which was run by his father. But driven by his passion for movies from his childhood, he took a different path than his family business. 

He started his venture by opening a travel agency in 1991. Due to the Maoist insurgency, he had to shut down his business. Ultimately, he shared his thoughts with likeminded people including Bhaskar Dhungana, his brother-in-law and film producer Rajesh Siddhi and together they established Quest Entertainment in 2001 which was later named as QFX Cinemas.

Being a pioneer in building digital movie theatre in Nepal, Uddin believes that starting a journey in a new and untouched field is not enough to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Continuity, dedication and perseverance play a major role in making you successful in life,”he shared his experience. He shared his philosophy that the past is all about learning and progressing towards the days to come and staying focused on whatever we do is the secret to success and happiness in life and career.









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