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Published on: 2018-01-12     155 times read    0  Comments

Asian Life Insurance Company Provides Insurance Amount

January 12: Surkhet branch of Asian Life Insurance Company has handed over the insurance amount to the family of a person who died two months ago. Organising a programme on Wednesday, January 10, the branch office handed the insurance amount of Rs 182,000 to Krishnaa Kumari Bhattarai, the wife of Anjani Gautam who died due to an illness.

Issuing a press statement, the company said that it also provided one month’s tuition fee of the deceased Gautam’s son and daughter for a month.

As per the policy, the company said it will be providing a monthly tuition fee of Rs 1050 to Gautam’s son and Rs 1002 to his daughter until they reach 16 years.

Asian Life Insurance Company’s Assistant General Manager Bijay Parajuli informed that the company has been providing tuition fees to 38 children who lost one of their parents who had purchased insurance policy.


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