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Published on: 2018-01-12     256 times read    0  Comments

January 12: Key Advertising Agency’s Managing Director Rabindra Kumar Rijal has been elected as the chairman of Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN). AAN’s general assembly on Thursday, January 11, unanimously elected Rijal to the post as his candidacy was unopposed by any contender.

Likewise, the general assembly unanimously elected Som Prasad Dhital as senior vice president, Narayan Kumar Shrestha as first vice president and Dharmendra Kaji Shrestha as second vice president in the new executive committee.

Raju Kuikel was elected as the general secretary unopposed while Krishna Prasad Ghimire was elected as secretary of AAN while Pankaj Pradhan was elected deputy treasurer unopposed.

Rodhan Prasain, Ramesh Puri, Bishal Purush Dhakal, Arun Kaji Sthapit, Kiran Gaire and Santosh Khadka have been elected as the executive committee members.

Inaugurating the 18th general assembly of AAN, Minister for Information and Communications Mohan Bahadur Basnet said that the government is preparing to implement ‘clean feed’ policy in the communication sector. The minister said that the clean feed policy was supposed to be implemented from the start of the current fiscal year but was stalled due to various reasons. He further said that the policy will be implemented soon.

The construction of road from Kalikot to Humla has gained pace after almost a decade of dillydallying. Out of the total 196 kilometres of road of the Karnali Corridor project, 66 kilometers has already been completed.

The construction works started gaining momentum after the Nepalese Army took over the construction work. The 33-kilometre road section from Kalikot’s Lalighat to Ghataparichaur and another 33-kilometre road section from Bajura’s Ratadanda to Arthugechaur have been completed so far.

The Nepalese Army’s construction division informed that vehicles can be operated in the 66-kilometer road which lies in between Kalokot’s Khulalu to Humla’s Simikot.

“We are yet to blast the rocks in a four-kilometer stretch between Bhukkakhola to Tolibhir,” said the Nepalese Army’s in-charge Indiwar Gurung.

Of late, the Nepalese Army has expedited the construction work which had remained stalled in the past ten years. According to the army sources, they are planning to complete the construction works within the deadline given to them.

Humla is the only district which is yet to be connected to the national network of roads.

Nepal Rastra Bank has instructed revenue collection offices as well as bank and financial institutions to remain open on the last Saturday of certain months to ensure that the revenue collection does not get affected. The central bank issued such instruction as per the decision taken by the Ministry of Finance on September 17 to help the Revenue Management Division collect taxes during the Nepali months of Asoj, Poush, Chaitra and Asar.

Following the NRB instruction, the concerned government offices and BFIs will have to remain open during public holidays and on Saturdays during the last week of every third month of the fiscal year from now onwards.


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