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Published on: 2018-03-12     173 times read    0  Comments

Himalaya Airlines celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

March 12: Himalaya Airlines, a private international airline of Nepal, celebrated its third year of connecting people of Nepal with other countries on March 9.

Issuing a press statement, the company said that it has achieve important milestones in the last two years.

“Today, Himalaya Airlines is the proud operator of three Airbus A320 and is honored to receive the first international award of ‘Leading New International Airlines in South Asia’ received at the South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) 2017,” reads the statement.

To celebrate this occasion, the airline has announced an Audience Engagement Program with the launch of a social media quiz that will run across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The participants are encouraged to click the link, which is shared in the airline’s social media pages for a chance to win a round trip ticket to and from any destinations of the airline. The contest is valid till March 19.

“Through this promotion contest, we want to reward our loyal audiences with a chance to experience Himalaya Airline’s hospitality on board,” reads the statement.

“The celebration was further shared with our passengers by distributing red velvet cupcakes on-board who flew on Himalaya Airlines on March 9 to Doha, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.”

Himalaya Airlines’ Vice President (Administration) Vijay Shrestha said, “With key achievements, now we proudly say that Himalaya Airlines is the fastest growing private airline of Nepal and is always striving to achieve the best, be it On Time Performance (OTP) of our flights or ensuring the most convenient and time efficient way of air travel. We thank all our passengers, patrons and stakeholders for their tremendous support in our each step of flying higher. Also we would like to wish all the participants good luck for the lucky draw contest.”

Himalaya Airlines said it recognizes safety as a core responsibility and motivating factor for the employees, and is fully committed to provide all the appropriate resources required for effective safety practices.

Airline said its perseverance to follow and maintain the Global Safety Standards has been endorsed by the recent audits from various Civil Aviation Authorities like ICAO, GACA, CAAC and CAAB in 2017.

The airline claimed it was among the few airlines of Nepal selected for sample confirmation of aviation safety standards maintained in Nepal by CAAN during the ICVM audit follow up of CAAN in relation with the Significant Safety Concern imposed by ICAO in 2013.

To take part in the quiz contest, anyone interested can click on the following link: http://www.himalaya-airlines.com/quiz



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