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Published on: 2018-03-12     141 times read    0  Comments

March 12: Federation of Nepal Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) of Province 4 has appealed to the provincial and local governments to collaborate with private sector for economic prosperity. The federation pleaded for the collaboration on its first general assembly in the new federal setup.

The federation said it has already made an agreement to collaborate with local and provincial governments for the prosperity of the province. It has also mandated the district and municipality level chamber of commerce and industry to move forward by coordinating with the local government.

The assembly also pleaded to carry out 'One Village One Production' (OVOP) programme from provincial chambers of commerce and industry.

Province 4 coordinator of the federation, Sanjeeb Bahadur Koirala, said they will organise various programmes for economic prosperity. He assured to support district and municipality level chamber of commerce and industry in training programmes for increasing entrepreneurship and economic prosperity.

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