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Published on: 2018-05-16     128 times read    0  Comments

Honda's Grazia Hits the Road

May 16: Syakar Trading Company Pvt Ltd (STC), the authorized distributor for Honda two-wheelers in Nepal, and one of the leading companies of Jyoti Group, introduced the new Grazia scooter in the Nepali market Sunday, on May 13.

"Built in a contemporary urbane design which is crafted to look stylish and edgy, the Grazia redefines the modern scooter," the company said in a statement.

According to the company, Grazia comes with the LED headlamp and is equipped with a 125cc engine. The Honda Eco Technology which gives the best-in-class mileage and power and the 190 mm front disc brake provides extra stopping whenever required.

"Inbuilt with a 4 in 1 lock with a seat opening switch, Grazia puts convenience at your fingertips with a smart seat opening switch provided at the front and also offers ample space under seat for storage," the statement further said.

The company informed that the Combi Brake System (CBS) with equalizer reduces braking distance and makes sure that the rider is always in control. Another great feature of the Grazia is the front glove box with mobile charging socket. 

STC was established in 1976 for the distribution of Honda motorcycles, which Jyoti Group had been importing since 1968. The company has its retail outlets spread all across the nation.




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