Agriculture Focus: Ranjan Enterprises

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Ranjan Enterprises

Ranjan Enterprises Pvt Ltd (REPL) under the banner of LPRANJAN GROUP is a business enterprise, established in 2001 to carry out business in the field of agriculture sector. Chairman of the group is Laxmanjee Prasad. It has two sister bodies Ranjan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and Ranjan Trade Concern.

REPL carries out business in the field of agriculture sector dealing in products under agrochemicals (organic and inorganic), organic fertilizers, seeds, public health insecticides, fertilizers (micronutrient & chemicals), etc. REPL caters business by appointing dealers & supplying to corporate houses engaged in agriculture business and own consumption.

Shashi Ranjan, Ranjan Enterprises

Shashi Ranjan
Ranjan Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Sharing the purpose of establishment of the company, Shashi Ranjan Director of REPL said, “Our initial aim was to cater the remote regions of Nepal by setting up an integrated platform to provide the best quality and most reliable products throughout the country for the welfare of the farmers, plant growers and local consumers”. 

REPL plans to move into imports of fertilizers like Urea, DAP and MOP. Agriculture equipment like cultivator, harrow, tractors and mini tillers  are the next areas where the company is planning to enter in the future. The company also plans to venture into agriculture farm by purchasing land and cultivating and growing vegetables and fruits and breeding livestock as well. 

REPL have recently launched fertilizers like Copper Sulphate, Ammonium Sulphate and Organic fertilizer named JAIVIK. REPL along with its sister concern has ventured into Agriculture Sprayers and Agriculture Shade Nets of different size and capacity. 

Director Ranjan shared that there is no turning points yet for them but because of trust and goodwill, they are able to win the hearts of consumers and also the corporate sector who have been doing business with them. With the trust, we have ventured into different fields of agriculture activities, says Ranjan. 

Ranjan Trade Concern (RTC) has been established to handle local business and related imports in FMCG and agriculture sector. Currently, the company plans to focus steps in taking further steps in trading business emphasising with imports, distributorships and general purchases of FMCG goods, industrial goodsn and agriculture products from around the world for trading, exclusively in the country. RTC also plans to move into import of chemicals, and petrochemicals. 

Major Products

REPL have launched mass range agriculture. Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides, Organic insecticides, organic fungicides, organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, Public Health Insecticides, Knapsack Sprayers, Garden Sprayers and spare parts, Agriculture shade nets and seeds are some examples.

Human resource management 

REPL has small human resource team. “Being a small business enterprise our team is small,” said director Ranjan. “But our team is well experienced to handle problems of farmers, especially in their fields such as pests’ management.” 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

While accepting that his organization is well aware of corporate social responsibility, director Ranjan said, “At present we have not moved directly into CSR projects but have plans to do so in near future”.

SWOT Analysis


Farmers and other consumers Satisfaction & trust 


Still unable to tap new markets within the country due to lack of awareness and lack of new partners. 


Huge market for agriculture related product, rising awareness 


Unhealthy competition within the sector

Ranjan Enterprises

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