NIC Asia introduces two new loan schemes

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NIC Asia introduces two new loan schemes

September 14: NIC Asia Bank, which has been operating its banking service with the slogan “Bank Pani, Sathi Pani, Ramro Pani, Hamro Pani,” has introduced two new attractive loan schemes.

The loan schemes introduced by the bank are “Chamatkari Sawari Karja” and “Chamatkari Ghar Jagga Karja”.

Individuals willing to buy new car or exchange their old cars will be facilitated by the Chamatkari Sawari Karja loan scheme.

The loan scheme offers quick loan service for a maximum of 15 years payback period along with reasonable installment and interest rates.

Similarly, the customers under Chamatkari Ghar Jagga Karja loan scheme are allowed to select the installment amount according to their income with maximum of 50 years duration payback period. The scheme also offers minimum monthly interest rate and discount on service charge.

The bank believes that the schemes will ease the financial burden of customers willing to buy vehicle and property.