Bajaj RE mega test drive fair in Nepalgunj

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Bajaj RE mega test drive fair in Nepalgunj

November 30: Hansaraj Hulaschand and Company, the authorized distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal, organized a Mega Test Drive fair to introduce the Bajaj RE three-wheeler and to provide test drive facilities to the general public in Nepalgunj from Saturday, November 23.

A representative of Hansaraj Hulaschand informed New Business Age that the company introduced Bajaj RE tempo in Nepal with the aim to create job opportunity within the country.

Shree United Motor Suppliers, the authorized distributors of Bajaj RE in Nepalgunj, reported that engaging and creating job opportunities for Nepali migrant workers and preventing the individuals planning to travel abroad for foreign employment are the key objectives for which the mega test drive fair has been organized.

The organizers had also organized various entertainment activities including musical show, lucky draw, dance programme, drama during the test drive campaign in Nepalgunj.










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