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January 2015 Business Visitors

Published on: 2015-01-25 00:00:00     1135 times read    0  Comments
Ador FontechAdor Fontech is an Indian company that provides customised and value added solutions to wear problems which are unique in terms of wear factors like abrasion, impact, heat or corrosion for an optimal solution. Gunjan Arora, the company’s business manager was recently in Nepal to participate in the CE Construction Nepa ConXpo. Angila Sharma of the New Business Age, caught up with him on the sidelines of the Expo and discussed Ador’s products, their usages and the company’s marketing plans and strategies for Nepal. Excerpts:
What is the purpose of your visit?
We came here to display our products at the CE Construction Nepa ConXpo. Ador Fontech is here with some new technologies like ceramic tiles, ceramic lined equipment and bends, ceramic pulley lagging mat and flux-cored wires. These products can enhance the industrial application maintenance. It increases the life of original components by four times.
I am based in Lucknow and look at Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Himanchal in India. I have to look at these four regions and Nepal also is a part of my region, and that’s reason I am here. 
Tell us something about your products.
We are an Indian company with foreign collaborations in Germany, Sweden and other countries. In the exhibition, we displayed welding electrodes especially for industrial applications, hydropower, sugar plants and mills. Our company has complete in-house capabilities to design and engineer tools and manufacture industrial ceramics according to customer requirements. Our main product in this exhibition was ceramic pulley lagging mat. It is the solution for belt slippage problems that conventional rubber lagging often cannot correct. It is constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles moulded into a durable rubber backing to prevent slippage.
What were your expectations from the exhibition and the Nepali market?
We came here to survey and explore the requirements of Nepali market, wanted to see if Nepali customers have knowledge of our products or not and inform them. I believe that we were quite successful at it. We expect good business from Nepali market but firstly, we want to provide best solutions to it.
How do you analyse the Nepali market for your products?
The market is fantastic as Nepal is a growing economy. We have to explore the market more to understand the core of the market.
What are your plans for Nepal?
If the market persists we might establish a workshop in Nepal in the future. We have two plants at Bangalore, one repair workshop at Nagpur and one workshop in Malaysia. Firstly, we will post one person here to explore the market. When the market grows, we might establish a plant or a workshop. Right now, we just want to understand the market.

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