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January 2015 Business Education

Published on: 2015-01-28 00:00:00     1553 times read    1  Comments
In an education system where everyone is focusing on producing job-suitable candidates likes bankers and managers and thereby increasing unemployment, this programme intends to produce job creators.
--By Upashana Neupane
Narottam Aryal, Executive Director, King's College
Narottam Aryal
Executive Director
King's College
With the aim and determination of breaking the culture of job oriented education, Kings College is providing MBA in Entrepreneurship, the first of its kind in the country. In an education system where everyone is focusing on producing job-suitable candidates likes bankers and managers and thereby increasing unemployment, this programme intends to produce job creators.
The main objective of the programme MBA in Entrepreneurship is to break that trend and produce entrepreneurs who are able to exploit the resources of the country and utilise it appropriately. “We don’t lack resources but entrepreneurs who can figure out and mobilise them,” says Narottam Aryal, executive director at the King's College, “It is part of our objective to produce entrepreneurs to exploit Nepal’s resources, and add value to it.”
The college is running this International American University (IAU), USA affiliated programme since 2012. Though a full-fledged 2 years course, it can be also completed in 18 months. The courses are functional but more focused on entrepreneurship where students learn skills required for doing a real business. The course exposes students to theories and practices related to the start-ups, development and management of a new business, product, or service, and entrepreneurial attributes. It helps them to discover practical knowledge, strategy, and skills needed to create a viable business plan. Aryal shares that the college equally focuses on building socially responsible entrepreneurship and that college offers courses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) also. “We provide students with all the exposures related to entrepreneurship,” shares Aryal.
The college mandates fresher students to open a company of their as part of their course so that when they graduate, they not only have a degree but a company of their own as well. College helps in this process through its incubation centre, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development, established to provide necessary and possible support to the students for becoming an entrepreneur. “We help students to convert their idea into a viable business plan,” Aryal said while elaborating on the function of the centre. He added that the college also helps students in building linkages and networking for finance, marketing and administrative expertise. 
The Centre provides office space with basic physical requirements for such start-ups along with interest free seed money in the form of loan. The seed money is to be returned to the college within two years of their business establishment. The amount is Rs 1, 00,000 for male students while Rs 1,50, 000 for female students. In case if the start up fails to kick off, the college provides such students with part time jobs within the college as a teacher along with helping in connecting with private investors and banks.
“Our sole objective is to establish entrepreneurship trend within the country and produce entrepreneurs who will utilise the country’s resources and create employment opportunities in the country,” says Aryal. Students with minimum of three years’ bachelors’ degree in any discipline with a minimum of three years relevant business/ managerial/supervisory experience are eligible to apply for this course. 


its a great opportunity for those who want to be an entrepreneur but lacks the mentor & guidance !! i will b pursuing the same course within few years !! kudos for bringing new taste of education in the country like Nepal !!

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