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February 2015 Business Education

Published on: 2015-03-12 00:00:00     1609 times read    0  Comments
An annual flagship national event of King's College, 'King's Utsav-2015,' concluded on 10th January.  The three-day event, which started from 8-10th January, aimed to promote bonding, relationship and fraternity among the Nepal's business school students through various activities under the three themes of education, creation and entertainment.
The first day programme was focused on education and included activities like business plan, business quiz and the business idea pitching. Uniglobe College, White House College and Thames College bagged the award for each of these activities, respectively.
On its second day the programme was focused on creativity and involved competitions on photography, 60-seconds movie produced prior to 48 hours of the programme day and ‘mad act’ live performance. Citizens College bagged the first prize in photography and mad act live competition while Uniglobe won the prize in the short movie competition.
Similarly, the last day of the event included activities like Mr. and Miss Business (B)-School competition and the battle of bands under the theme of entertainment. Sashank Pokharel from KCMIT College was recognized as Mr. B-School and Kajol Jha from Uniglobe College was chosen as Miss B-School while the first prize for battle of bands was bagged by National Open College. 
Uniglobe College was declared first as the overall winner and awarded a cash prize of Rs 100,000 during the closing ceremony of the Utsav. Citizens College and King's College were declared overall second and third college. 
"King’s Utsav is an event to celebrate festival of bonding, relationship and a base to unleash the student's talent via different corporate and creative challenges. This initiative also contributes to promote the relationship and build networking among the students from different colleges," said Narottam Aryal, executive director of the College while addressing the inaugural session, "It adds up energy, determination and temperament to cater the best in individuals to achieve the glory."All the winners were conferred awards by Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Nepal, WM Senevirethna.
Altogether 17 business schools from across the country participated in the event. Addressing the closing ceremony of the event, Dr Som Pudasaini, chairman of King's College stated that the third edition of King's Utsav, which will be held in 2017 will be a regional one where Business Colleges of South Asia and East Asia will participate in the competition under different themes.
The event was supported by Samsung-IMS, Yamaha, Airtech, Suzuki, Colors Mobile, Junge movie, Sparrow SMS, Pepsi, Red Mud Café, Little Start Records and Music Pathsala, among others.

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