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May 2015 Business Visitors

Published on: 2015-05-26 00:00:00     1504 times read    0  Comments
Jane LuoTCL, the Chinese consumer electronics major is expanding its foothold in the Nepali market. The world’s third largest TV manufacturer is planning to launch some new products this year. Jane Luo, Department Chief, Asia Business Department, TCL Multimedia Holdings was recently in Nepal to examine the business of TCL in the country’s market. In an interview with Sanjeev Sharma of New Business Age, she talked about TCL’s partnership with CG Digital, brand presence and upcoming products. Excerpts:
What brings you to Nepal?
This is my first visit to Nepal. Me and my colleague Jeffrey Yao are here to study the country’s consumer electronics market and business of TCL brand. We will be visiting and holding talks with CG Digital, our Nepali partner, to formulate business strategies for market expansion. We are happy to say that the TCL brand is achieving satisfactory growth in the Nepali market. 
How is your partnership with CG?
We are in partnership with CG for all range of products including TVs, washing machines and air conditioners. We are also looking to extend our partnership in mobile devices in the future.
How important is Nepali market for your company?
TCL is a globally renowned brand. We are selling products in more than 130 countries. We keep exploring our business in overseas market. Nepal may not be big as other markets. But, the rise in demand clearly points to the fact that the there is a big potential of consumer electronics business in the country. As we have aim to become a top international brand, we will focus our efforts and provide more support to the Nepali market in the future.
How are you promoting the TCL brand in Nepal?
Currently, we are in a discussion with CG Digital regarding the promotional strategies of our brand. We respect their ideas as they are our local partner. At this point all I can say is we will provide better support for both marketing and after sales services. 
What are the USPs of TCL products?
TCL is the world's third largest TV brand. We are the only television manufacturing company that has the vertical integration. We have our own TV panel factory and also produce other components too. This makes our products highly competitive in terms of prices. Similarly, efficient after sales services is another selling point for TCL. 
What products that you are planning to sell in the Nepali market?
We have already launched almost all range of TCL TVs in Nepal including models such as standard, internet and 4K. This year we will be introducing a 4K Curve TV and the world’s first Quantum Dot models featuring superior color clarity.  
Are you satisfied with the Nepali market of TCL?
According to Chinese export data, TCL was the number one Chinese exporter of TV in Nepal last year. We are well received by our Nepali customers. We will be increasing the brand presence of TCL in the upcoming years.
How do you analyse the current scenario of the TV business as stiff competition is being observed in the market?
Actually, TV business is becoming more and more competitive across all markets. Customers are seen opting products with latest technologies. In China, for instance, the competition is not only in the hardware but also in the software technologies. So, due to the advent of new technologies, TV business has become more difficult in the recent years.

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