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July 2018 4th Newbiz Bschools Rating-Ranking-Awards 2018

Published on: 2018-07-06 12:21:19     294 times read    0  Comments

“Awards are a token of encouragement to educators in achieving education excellence”​

Madan Lamsal, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, New Business Age GroupMadan Lamsal
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, New Business Age 

The NewBiz Rating-Ranking-Awards 2018 is an event to honor the B-schools that have been producing future leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. Undoubtedly, it is due to the lack of efficient managers our country has not been able to develop as expected despite having immense natural resources. A country is considered rich and developed not because of the available resources. It is the efficient use of resources that makes a country developed. This is where the B-schools have a role to play. 

Duly recognising the importance of impartiality and credibility of the rating and ranking for such awards, we have paid special attention in maintaining professionalism and independence of the jury members and collecting necessary statistics and information of the colleges for evaluation. We think that the rating and ranking and awarding processes have been appropriately done sourcing the best practices, evaluation standards and relevant parameters from across the world and using them in our context. However, it can’t be said that a 100 percent correct decision can be achieved for all the times.  

Organising the 4th NewBiz Rating-Ranking-Awards 2018 is the result of collective effort of 25 professionals working in Kathmandu and outside the capital valley. They have spent one year in studying and evaluating the colleges. The selection process started from a list of 1,274 colleges from across the country.  Among the educational institutions, the top 10 colleges each in the categories of BHM, BBA, BBS, MBS and MBA have been honoured with certificates. Of the colleges, six have been awarded with trophies and certificate. Similarly, six top colleges from all provinces, except Province 3, and six top public colleges from across the country have been honoured with certificates and trophies.

We would like to express our admiration to all the B-schools operators, teachers and other professionals associated with them for their dedication, commitment and hard work. This is our endeavour to fill them with hope and vigour so that they can produce better leaders, managers and professional for the country. The awards are a token of encouragement to the educators in achieving the education excellence.


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