Farmers of Myagdi fed up with Repeated Hailstones

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Farmers of Myagdi fed up with Repeated Hailstones

April 18: The reoccurring hailstorms have damaged a significant amount of crops in Myagdi district. In the latest spate of hailstorm, large areas of fields in Marek, Bhakimli and other villages of Beni Municipality were damaged on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Indra Thapa, a local farmer of Marek, the hailstones damaged all his winter crops as well as fruits and vegetables. Thapa claimed that his village alone had to bear losses of more than Rs 600,000.

Farmers say that the calamity struck when they were about to harvest wheat, which was already ripe. Meanwhile, the hailstones tore apart saplings of maize, according to the farmers.

The farmers fed up with the repeated occurrence of hailstones.



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