Fruit Sellers Doing Brisk Business in Nepalgunj with Rise in Temperature

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Fruit Sellers Doing Brisk Business in Nepalgunj with Rise in Temperature

May 24: Nepalgunj is arguably the hottest place in Nepal. With the rise in temperature during summer, the residents of this city adopt different measures to keep themselves cool. Due to the increasing heat, the demand for fruits, fans and refrigerator has also increased. Doctors advise that it is healthy to eat fruits during summer as it gives adequate nutrients to the body.

Fruits and juice shops in Nepalgunj seem crowded these days with people eager to quench their thirst with the natural taste of fruits. Cucumbers and watermelons produced across Banke and Bardiya districts are consumed in huge quantity in Nepalgunj.

Large number of fruits sellers in stalls as well as footpaths are found doing brisk business at Dhambojhi Chowk, Tribhuvan Chowk, Triveni Mode, Pushpalal Chowk, BP Chowk, Nursing Home, Bheri Hospital among other places of Nepalgunj.

Salim Rai, who has been selling watermelons and cucumbers at Dhambhoji Chowk, says he makes as much as Rs 1500 per day by selling fruits.

Mohammad Waris, owner of Garib Nawaz Fruit Center at Tribhuvan Chowk, said that the demand for fruits has soared sharply with the rise in temperature. He sells fruits like pomegranate, apples, bananas, grapes, watermelons, papayas, oranges, mangoes etc and earns up to Rs 10,000 per day.



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