Buddha Air Starts Afternoon Flights to Surkhet

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Buddha Air Starts Afternoon Flights to Surkhet

June 17: Buddha Air has started afternoon flights between Kathmandu and Surkhet. Buddha Air announced that it started the service effective from Sunday, June 16. Earlier, the airline company had been conducting morning flights since the last two months to connect the capital of Karnali Province with air service.

According to sources at Surkhet Airport, Buddha Air will carry passengers from Surkhet to the capital at 4 pm every day.

Buddha Air informed New Business Age that the company is facing problems to conduct flights to Surkhet with big aircraft as the runway is only 1200 meters long. According to the airline, the runway needs to be expanded by 300 meters to operate big aircraft without any hassles. That will also reduce the cost of tickets by 20 to 25 percent.

During an interaction held at Surkhet Chambers of Commerce, Buddha Air said it will revise the airfare after reviewing the flow of passengers for a month.

Rupesh Joshi, marketing director of Buddha Air, confirmed that the airline will revise the fare based on the number of customers within a month.

Currently, the company has been charging airfare between Rs 7730 to Rs 11,300 for one-way flight between Surkhet and Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, stakeholders have said that the airfare is excessively high due to which they have warned that half of the passengers might opt to take a flight to the capital from Nepalgunj.


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