KMC Acquires Two More Broomer Trucks

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KMC  Acquires Two More Broomer Trucks

June 17: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has added two more broomers to the list of five broomers already in use to keep the city free from dust.

The metropolitan city bought the broomer trucks from Chendu of China at the cost of Rs 22.7 million excluding customs duty.   

 The newly-acquired broomer trucks are 8.6 meters long and 3.5 meters wide and have dual engines installed in them.  Each of the broomer trucks weigh 15.8 metric tons.

Pramod Dangol, chief of mechanical department of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, informed New Business Age that the broomers operate with 118 kilo watt engines.

He added that the new broomers first spray water on the dust and then collects it to avoid spreading of dust.

Each of the new broomer truck can clean between 3 kilometers to 20 kilometers of area in an hour.




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