Workers’ Strike Forces Hotel Hyatt Regency to Suspend its Operation

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Workers’ Strike Forces Hotel Hyatt Regency to Suspend its Operation

June 18: Hotel Hyatt Regency in Bouddha has suspended its operation due workers strike.

The five-star hotel with 70 percent occupancy per day has remained shut since June 15 as the employees stopped working after the hotel failed to address their demands.

 Hyatt Regency had previously courted controversy due to dispute over its land and Tara Gaun Development Committee’s share ownership row. 

Govinda Ram Pariyar, public relations officer at Hyatt Regency, informed New Business Age that the hotel has been bearing a loss of Rs 5 to 6 million daily due to the labour strike. Altogether 320 out of the total 365 workers of the hotel are currently on strike.

Pariyar further said that the hotel administration had corresponded with the workers to return to work three times but in vain.

The hotel in a notice issued on June 17 had announced that it would temporarily cease its operations and not accept any bookings until the dispute with the trade union was sorted out.

Mukti Dahal, chairman of the All Nepal Hotel, Restaurant and Casino Workers Association, informed New Business Age that the labourers resorted to strike after the hotel failed to implement the agreements signed between 2004 and 2018.  

He added that the union had been discussing about the implementation of the agreements with the hotel management for the last six month but that could not happen.  

“We will resume our work only after the implementation of the agreement,” he added.

The hotel wrote a letter to Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) informing it about the closure of its operation.   Hotel Hyatt in its letter to NEPSE has mentioned the workers’ strike as the reason for the closure of its operation and reservation.

According to NEPSE, per unit share of the hotel was Rs 324 on June 15 which has now dropped to Rs 321 per unit.



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