Where Do Old Bikes Go?

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Where Do Old Bikes Go?

June 18: Data released by the Department of Transport Management shows that there are altogether 2.5 million motorcycles in Nepal. In the fiscal year 2017/18 alone, around 250,000 new motorcycles were registered with the department.

What happens to the motorcycles which are imported in huge quantity when they become old? Many people might be wondering about it. The fact is that many such useless vehicles lie in the junkyard to be exported to India in scrap value while the spare parts of lots of old vehicles are put into use again.

Scrap dealers say that the parts that are unusable are exported to India while those which are useful are reused again.

Indra Bahadur Shahi has been in the scrap business for the last 25 years. In the beginning, he used to deal with all kinds of worthless materials like throwaway iron, electrical goods, plastics etc. Later in 2005, he registered Pachali Scrap Center, which exclusively deals with old and useless motorcycles.

In his center, Shahi says there are engine parts and plastic covers for more than 800 motorcycles that can be reused while 600 motorcycles are worthless.

“We bring the old bikes from auction carried out by the government and also the ones from exchange camps,” he said.

According to Shahi, half of such motorcycles are exported to India in scrap value while the remaining can be reused in the market again.

Shahi says large number of customers come to his center since they can find spare parts of any brand of motorcycle.

“Some spare parts are as good as new ones even if the bike stops functioning,” said Shahi, adding, “Therefore, hundreds of customers visit us every day.”

The annual turnover of Shahi’s business is Rs 2.5 million.


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