Apex College Organises ‘Case Study Program’

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Apex College Organises ‘Case Study Program’

July 12: Apex Case Study Club organized the fourth edition of Apex Case Study Program on June 20-26 with the objective to increase problem solving and analytical capacity of the students. A total of 43 participants from Master of Business Administration (MBA) participated in the program.

On the first day of the program, the participants learned about how to identify problems and to work for solutions. The participants were taught about problem identification on a workshop session.

Six teams then went on a field visit to companies namely Hathway Investments, Cake Koseli, Prabhu Pay, Aero Roots, Meroghar.com and Latido Leathers. The students talked with executives of each of the companies to know about the challenges faced by the business during the operation.

The teams also discussed on real case scenario of US-China Trade War. The teams were given the roles of US administration, Chinese administration, Huwaei, Google, consumers and WTO. The teams first gave the overview of the case then they were engaged in a discussion session where each team put forward its point. A blame game session also took place where each team blamed another party for the trade war and the participants had a heated discussion among themselves.

MBA Morning Director Kishore Dhungana said that the program helped students to learn about problems faced by the companies and also on the ways to solve the problems and helped participants to work in a team and take initiative.


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