New Interconnection Guidelines to Reduce Telecom Charge

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New Interconnection Guidelines to Reduce Telecom Charge

September 10: Nepal Telecommunication Authority has prepared a new set of directives related to interconnection between variosu service providers. The new guidelines will replace the Interconnection Guideline 2008.

NTA said the new guidelines have been introduced to regulate communication between two or more telecom service providers.

A board meeting of the telecom regulatory body of Nepal had approved the guidelines last week. NTA is preparing to issue a public notice regarding the new guidelines in a few days for the convenience of the service seekers.

The guidelines have also fixed the new rate of inter-telecom calls. Director of NTA Min Prasad Aryal said that the new guidelines have fixed new tariffs for interconnection and international calls.

The new guidelines are expected to reduce the cost of such calls.

“Our policy is to provide service to the customers at a reasonable rate. We will be gradually reducing the rate over a period of time,” said Aryal.

According to the new guidelines, the cost of making a call from one company’s mobile phone to another company’s mobile has been fixed at 10 paisa. The earlier price was 54 paisa.

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