Gandaki Energy starts operation of Bio-gas Plant in Pokhara

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Gandaki Energy starts operation of Bio-gas Plant in Pokhara

September 17: Gandaki Energy Pvt Ltd has started commercial production of bio-gas in Pokhara. The bio-gas plant established with a joint investment of Rs 25 million is owned by a group 14 local young entrepreneurs in Pokhara.

The bio-gas plant is located in Majhwa 32 of Pokhara Metropolitan City and is producing 100 cylinders of bio gas every day.

Gandaki Energy informed New Business Age that it aims to produce two hundred cylinders of bio-gas regularly by processing 45 tons of daily wastes. 

According to the company, the price of a cylinder filled with bio-gas is Rs 1,159. 

Sharing their experience, local consumers said the bio-gas sold by the company is more flammable, cheaper and environment friendly in comparison to LP gas.

Modern Noodle Industry in Pokhara, one of the consumers of bio-gas, informed that the company used to spend Rs 65,000 every month on liquefied petroleum gas for noodle production  before but the cost has been  reduced to Rs 35, 000 per month after using bio-gas produced by Gandaki Energy. 

Kushal Gurung, director of the company, informed NBA that Gandaki Energy is a collaboration of local youth entrepreneurs living in Pokhara.   

He also informed that the bio-gas plant has been utilizing cow dung, poultry waste and other waste as raw material for bio-gas production.



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