Salt Trading Corporation to Produce Mustard Oil

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Salt Trading Corporation to Produce Mustard Oil

September 17: Salt Trading Corporation has announced that it will reopen the Nepal Vanaspati Ghee Industry. 

The industry was shut down after facing a financial loss. However, the corporation informed that it is planning to produce mustard oil instead of vegetable ghee this time.

Speaking at the 57th anniversary of the corporation recently, the CEO of Salt Trading Corporation, Urmila Shrestha announced that the production of mustard oil is scheduled to begin within a month.

The industry is currently purchasing mustard from the local farmers.

According to her, a machine worth Rs 1.7 million needed for the production of oil is being imported from China. It is estimated that the machine will produce about 150 tons of mustard oil daily.

Shrestha also informed that the net investment for the industry is around Rs 4 million.


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