Dish Home planning to provide Internet Service

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Dish Home planning to provide Internet Service

September 22: Dish Home, a satellite-based Digital TV service provider, is planning to start Internet service by collaborating with Israeli satellite company Spacecom.

Sudip Acharya, the managing director of Dish Home, informed that the company will invest Rs 400 million in the first phase of the project in Kathmandu Valley.

The company claimed that along with satellite-based Internet service, it is also planning to provide Internet services in the main cities of the country using FTTH fiber.

Currently, the company is conducting a site survey for future transmission of the Internet. Acharya claimed that the company is planning to import technology and machinery as soon as the survey is completed.

The company informed that it will provide internet service under the name Simple Media Network.

Additionally, Dish Home will start providing the Internet services in the Kathmandu Valley through fiber within three months, whereas, providing satellite-based Internet service in the rural areas will take a longer time.

The Israeli satellite used to provide Internet is named Amos 17 and is centered around Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.




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