Growing Attraction toward  Kiwi Farming in Parbat

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Growing Attraction toward  Kiwi Farming in Parbat

October 18: Locals of Jaljala Rural Municipality-5 in Parbat district are actively engaged in Kiwi farming these days. Altogether 50 families of the municipality are attracted to commercial farming of kiwi after a local Yagya Prasad Subedi introduced the fruit in the village in 2071.

The selling price of kiwi is also high in the market. According to kiwi farmers, the exotic fruit is sold between Rs 150 to Rs 600 per kilogam.  The farmers have been growing various species of kiwi in Nepal. One of the kiwi farmers Krishna Bahadur Rantija shared that he has been earning profit from Rs 400,000 to Rs 500,000 annually.  Once planted, the kiwi bears fruit  for 40 years.

According to Agriculture Knowledge Centre’s chief Basudev Regmi, demand of kiwi in the market is growing due to its health benefits. He said kiwi contains all nutrients required for human health and can even treat the heart diseases.

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