Misuse of Electricity Rampant in Janakpur 

Street lights in Janakpur are Carelessly Switched on Even During the Dayttime

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Misuse of Electricity Rampant in Janakpur 

February 23: Street lights in Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City are switched on round the clock. The authorities are least concerned about the use of street lights throughout the day time.

The street lamps of the main streets of Janakpur including Janaki Temple, railway station, Bhanu Chowk and Ramchandra Chowk are turned on carelessly all day long and throughout the night but the concerned authorities are not bothered at all.   

Such negligence has been increasing the unwarranted use of electricity and adding financial burden to the sub-metropolitan city office.

Surya Narayan Mandal, deputy manager of Janakpur-based office of Nepal Electricity Office (NEA) informed that even though NEA is concerned about the misuse of electricity but the ownership of the street lights belong to the local government and yet they are not bothered.

“We do not know who set up the lights in the poles. However, we had requested the people to install switches in most of the places but to no avail. No one is bothered at all. That is why the lights are turned on all day and night,” he informed.

It has been learnt that the sub-metropolitan city office in Janakpur had installed the bulbs without coordinating with the NEA office.   



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