Local Governments of West Rukum Least Prepared for VNY 2020

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Local Governments of West Rukum Least Prepared for VNY 2020
A mountain range as seen from West Rukum in this recent picture. Photo: Prabir Dadel/NBA

November 26: The local governments have not been able to keep up the pace with the preparations made by provincial and federal government for making the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign successful. Six local governments of West Rukum have not proclaimed any policies and program targeting the VNY 2020.

Chairperson of Bafikot Rural Municipality, Dharma Bahadur KC, said that they will bring programs targeting VNY after holding a meeting of the village council. Prior to this, the local unit will initiate construction of guerilla track in the region.

Although Aathbiskot Municipality has formed tourism promotion committee headed by the mayor, they have not been able to bring a concrete plan. Chief administrative officer of the municipality Ram Bahadur KC states that not a single programme aimed at VNY has been announced yet. They have not even discussed what type of programme is required, says Prem Kumari Sunar, deputy mayor of Musikot Municipality.

Apart from this, the private sector of the district is also not interested in making the VNY 2020 successful. A tourism information center that was established in 2071 to promote tourism remains defunct since the last four years. However, Dipak Raj Khadka, chairman of Tourism Information Center, said they will work in coordination with the local government to promote tourism.


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