Weather to Improve Today

Westerly Wind Brings Rainfall Across the Country   

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Weather to Improve Today

March 8: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has forecast a fair weather on Sunday with exception of eastern Nepal, following rainfall across the country on Saturday.

According to the division, the weather will be partly to generally cloudy in the eastern part of the country and generally fair in the rest of the country on Sunday.

On Monday, it will be partly to generally cloudy throughout the country with chances of brief rain in one or two places.    

The country witnessed rainfall since Saturday morning today due to the influence of the westerly wind. Meteorologist Shanti Kandel said the Westerly wind entered Nepal since Friday, triggering rainfall throughout the country.    

"There is also the influence of the local wind along with the Westerly wind as it is the pre-monsoon time," RSS quoted her as saying. According to Kandel, rainfall will occur intermittently and not continuously.

Meanwhile, the high mountains and hills witnessed light to moderate snowfall on Saturday.