Potential of Exporting Powder Milk to Gulf Countries

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Potential of Exporting Powder Milk to Gulf Countries

January 12: Powder milk worth US$ 20.15 billion (Rs 2317.27 billion) was traded worldwide in the year 2018, according to ITC Trademap. The Gulf countries alone imported powder milk worth US$ 2.35 (Rs 270.66 billion) in the review period.

In this context, Nepal can export powder milk to Gulf countries if this sector can be developed in a proper way. For this, the government must transform the hill districts into animal farming hub by implement its policy of developing cattle rearing and animal husbandry in hill areas.  

The government must also shift from seed-based animal food to the traditional grass for feeding the cattle to ensure cost reduction. The state must also ensure smooth supply of milk for export to the Gulf countries. In order to attain this target, the government must create a strong base of animal farming within the country.

This sector also requires investment from the Gulf region with certification of ‘Halal’ and quality assurance.



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