Handicraft Market Worth Rs 2 Trillion Globally

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Handicraft Market Worth Rs 2 Trillion Globally

January 22: According to ITC Trademap, the worldwide trade of handicrafts (including paintings, drawing and pastels executed entirely by hand) was worth US$ 18.24 billion (Rs 2.08 trillion) in 2018 with the developed countries being the major importers of such crafts.

Nepal’s handicrafts and paintings are considered unique and are highly preferred in the global markets, so Nepal can establish itself as an international handicraft “brand”.

But for this, we need to preserve and institutionally strengthen our arts industry. This can be done by building and expanding the capacity of our Fine Arts Campus. The government should also promote Nepali art and artists in foreign exhibitions and competitions.

Nepal’s handicraft industry has the potential to take off exponentially in a short period of time provided it receives support from the government, the artists are well promoted and the exporters are encouraged.




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