Nepal Telecom Announces Winter Offer

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Nepal Telecom Announces Winter Offer

February 10: Nepal Telecom has announced winter offer with different packages starting from February 5.

According to the state-owned telecom company, its customers can buy All Time Data Pack of 60 MB to 14,000 MB for just Rs 15 to Rs 700 under this offer.  Likewise, they can also avail Day Data Pack of 200 MB at Rs 15 for using it from 6am to 6pm. The company has also offered 80 MB data pack at jus Rs 10 for the customers.

Likewise, under its night data pack, the customers can buy 400 MB data pact at Rs 12 while they can use unlimited data service for one night at Rs 18 and for seven nights at Rs 90.

Similarly, the customers can also access data service of 70 MB at Rs 10 for one day, 250 MB at Rs 35 and 600 MB at Rs 65 for 7 days.

Beside the data packs, the company also offers other packages including day-time voice pack at Rs 15, 100 minutes voice pack at Rs 10, 3000 MB data or 320 minutes of voice pack at Rs 300. It also also announced data pack for using Youtube.


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