Nepal can Exploit Global Market of Wooden Hangers

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Nepal can Exploit Global Market of Wooden Hangers

February 10: Global figures for the import of wooden hangers stand at around US$ 375.3 million (Rs 42.78 billion).

At present, Nepal has been exporting wooden hangers in small quantity. Based on these figures, Nepal can exploit the market by introducing wooden hangars of unique shapes and designs.

And, in order to do this, Nepal must create a strong base to produce such products within the country. The government must ensure proper support to the factories, and help in providing necessary manpower, encourage research and innovation as well as ensure the uninterrupted supply of raw materials. Considering the land-locked nature of Nepal, the government must provide short-term tax rebate to ensure that the prices are competitive.

Nepal’s geographic location is ideal for producing premium wooden artifacts, including veneer sheets and plywood which, if marketed well, can become a huge export and a good source of foreign currency.



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