Roses Worth Rs 16 Million Imported in a Week

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Roses Worth Rs 16 Million Imported in a Week

February 13: Nepal has imported roses worth Rs 16 million within a week ahead of the Valentine’s Day. According to Floriculture Association of Nepal, altogether 200,000 pieces of roses have been imported with the amount for the February 14 event.

The urban society of Nepal has long been marking February 14 as Valentine’s Day, which is basically a western culture.

Since red rose is considered the symbol of love, such roses sell the most during this season, according to those involved in this business.

The Department of Customs informed that roses worth Rs 1.8 million were imported in the first six months of the current fiscal year. But the figure skyrocketed by 800 percent this week as the import of red roses crossed the mark of Rs 15 million.

People involved in the flower business say that most of the roses are imported from India. They say that the roses are brought all the way from New Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

Commercial farming of roses takes place in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kavre and Chitwan districts of Nepal. Around 700 farmers are involved in commercial farming of roses in 153 hectares of land in those districts. However, domestic production is not able to meet the high demand for roses during this season, says Kumar Kasaju Shrestha, chairman of Floriculture Association of Nepal.

He said that the cold environment of Nepal is not much viable for commercial farming of roses. Therefore, the country is not able to meet its internal demand for roses, says Shrestha.

“Our domestic production is able to meet 25 percent of the demand during Valentine’s Day,” he said.

However, during other events throughout the year, the domestic production meets 80 percent demand for flowers, he added.

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