Extreme Shortage of Urea across the Country

Farmers have not received the required amount of urea fertilizer even though paddy plantation is already done.

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Extreme Shortage of Urea across the Country

July 30: Framers across Nepal are facing an acute shortage of urea fertilizer as 21,500 metric tons of the fertilizer is currently stuck at Kandla port in Gujarat, India.

According to agriculture department, a total of 40,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer is required for the period of one month from July to August during paddy plantation. However, only 1,060 metric tons of urea stock is currently available in the country. The agro-products suppliers and Salt Trading Corporation distribute the fertilizers to farmers in Nepal and are currently running out of stock.

Similarly, the country currently has 12,800 and 2,500 metric tons of DAP and Potassium respectively.

However, demand of Urea is higher than DAP during the paddy plantation season.  

Pankaj Joshi, assistant general manager of Salt Trading Corporation informed that it may take another month for the 21,500 metric tons of urea fertilizer stopped at Kandla port to reach Nepal.

At present, paddy plantation has been completed across the country. However, farmers are worried that the lack of urea fertilizer might affect their plantation, informed Chitra Bahadur Shrestha, chairman of the National Farmers Commission.

He added that the government has failed to provide fertilizer to the farmers in time. "If chemical fertilizers are not used regularly, it can affect production," he adds.


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