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Published on: 2017-10-12     436 times read    0  Comments

October 12: With the expansion of the mobile network, the number of Indian citizens using network of Nepali operators has also increased in the recent times. Indian citizen who live near the Nepal-India border have been found using the Nepali telecom networks.

The areas where there is no connectivity of Indian networks have numbers of users who use network of Nepali operators. The Indian citizens have been found using SIM cards of Nepal Telecom (NT), Ncell and Sky Telecom. The SIM cards of these networks are easily accessible in Indian land which is near from the border area.

The people of Dharchula, which is near to Darchula of Nepal, have been using Nepali networks as there is no connectivity of Indian networks, recent news from Indian media have claimed.

According to an Indian journalist, Rakesh Garwal, Indian network is very weak in comparison to Nepali network in the area.

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