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Published on: 2018-05-16     176 times read    0  Comments

Suzuki Intruder Ride To Sukute
May 16: VG Automobiles, the authorised importer and distributor of India-made Suzuki motorcycles in Nepal and a subsidiary of Vishal Group, has taken Suzuki Intruder riders to Sukute. VG Automobiles had invited all Intruder riders from all over Nepal and has taken 50 riders to Sukute.
VG Automobiles said it has given opportunity to the fearless and daring riders to enjoy and experience a ride on and off the tarmac on Suzuki Intruder which was just launched a couple months ago. Riders commenced their ride to Sukute on May 11.
According to the company, the tour started from Teku and took the route of Thapathali, Maitighar, New Baneshwor, Surya Binayak, Jagati, Sanga, Banepa, Dhulikhel, Panchkhal, Dolalghat all the way to River Bay Rafting & Resort, Sukute. They followed the same route back to Kathmandu the next day.
During the two-day event, there were lots of fun games like swimming competition, blindfold game and live music performance by popular band Binay and friends. All the riders got chance to raft in the rapid water of BhoteKoshi. BhoteKoshi rafting is considered as an ideal trip for those looking for short whitewater voyage. VG Automobiles also provided various gifts to the winners of the competitions. Nitin Regmi was adjudged the most discipline rider among all the riders.  
Talking about the Suzuki Intruder Ride To Sukute, Marketing Manager of VG Automobiles Nabraj Koirala said, "We are very happy to take 50 fearless and daring riders to Sukute. It was enchanting and adventurous opportunity for the participants to experience riding to Sukute. Suzuki Intruder Ride To Sukute had explored the thrill of Nepal. We believed that the Intruder riders had always been attached with excitement and adventure, Intruder being the definition of a bike that dominates every terrain; whether it be tarmac, rugged, muddy or any other precarious routes. This gave the riders the opportunities beyond imagination."

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